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Cupping Therapy: What Is It and How Does It Work?

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

Cupping Therapy being done in a woman

Have you noticed people walking around with little red round marks on their neck, back or shoulders? These come from cupping therapy.

How Does It Work?

Cupping therapy involves the use of cups placed on the skin to create a suction. This suction causes the area in the cup to decompress that area of muscles, facia, and skin.

Cupping can be stationary or cupping can be done by moving the cups around the the body. Cups are typically left for 8- 10 minutes depending on the person.

Benefits of Cupping Therapy?

  • Release scar tissue and fascial adhesions

  • Reduce painful trigger points

  • Improve circulation, blood and lymph circulation

  • Relieve pain

  • Promote mobility and range of motion

  • Improves mature scars

  • Decrease toxins

What to expect after treatment?

Mild soreness is to be expected from the buildup of lactic acid in the muscle tissue, but less soreness than a deep tissue massage. Bruises are to be expected and can last up to a week. Physical exertion and heat are not recommended after the treatment.

How long will the cupping marks last?

Any discoloration or marks from cupping usually go away within 7 days of the session.

What conditions does cupping work best for?

  • lower back pain

  • neck and shoulder pain

  • headache and migraine

  • knee pain

  • shingles

  • facial paralysis

  • cough and dyspnea

  • acne

  • lumbar disc herniation

  • cervical spondylosis

  • brachialgia, the pain produced by a trapped nerve in the neck

  • carpal tunnel syndrome

If you have any questions regarding our services or would like more information about the cupping therapy, please contact us.

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